About RG-AV Nexus

Many computers come set-up with anti-virus programs installed. Though these can need activating (turning on), and they do expire (cease downloading updates in order to be aware of and stop new viruses), typically after 30 days for demo/trial versions. Nexus RG-AV continues working throughout your computers life. A computer whose anti-virus program is more than a few days out of date is not protected.


You can pay a subscription to have an auto updating anti-virus program , normally the subscription will run for 1 year only. If you have one of these programs on your computer and have not paid a subscription, or renewed a running one, then you must check that it is still receiving updates. Nexus RG-AV does not expire

Nexus RG-AV comes with an up dater, which will check for updates automatically, when connected to the Internet, on a scheduled basis. You may also be prompted to manually click a link in order to acquire an update, or you may even have to download an update and install it manually. You should know what your program does and check updates regularly. If updates are automatic, check the scheduler, as some are set to check ONLY each week, and should be set to each day as a minimum.

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