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Click here for information on Version 15.1 Rel. 07.97

(Print this page for instructions, if necessary.)
  1. After logging on, open the folder labeled NIM, Site, or Single based on your license agreement.
  2. Select the executable file that begins with the letters "VS" followed by the license type. For example, a NIM user will select the file VSNIM.EXE.
  3. Download to a "TEMP" directory. (download size 1.1-1.3 MB)
  4. To install change to the "TEMP" directory and run the file. (i.e.: VSNIM).
  5. Be sure to read the file named "READ.1ST" before installation.
  6. Then run INSTALL.
  7. This is the complete Vi-Spy system.
  8. Note that once you've upgraded to Version 15.1, you may not use any "signature files" from a prior version of Vi-Spy. The signature file MUST be dated February 1997 or later.
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