The Apple iPhone is one of the most popular smartphone’s on the market, but why?

There are many reasons why the iPhone is so sought after and since its initial release in 2007, Apple sold more than 100 million units within the first four years.

Apple had complete control over both the hardware and software, meaning they could both operate in sync. The iPhone has the functionality of a mobile phone, media player, game console and a handheld computer, all in one!

However, will all of these great things that come with having an iPhone, due to the glass technology that has been used, screens can easily smash.

Once the screen smashes, it is more likely that you are going to experience faults with things such as the touch functionality, home buttons and even the glass coming away from the device completely. For all of these issues, there is a solution.

Go to a repair shop that has technicians that are experts in fixing any iPhone problem.

If you are based in London, we recommend Square Repair which is based in a prime location next to Liverpool Street Station.

Their technicians have over eight years of experience fixing all problems with iPhone’s, especially broken screen repairs and battery replacements.

Contact details:

Telephone: 020 3206 1627
Address: Longcroft House, 2-8 Victoria Avenue, London, EC2M 4NS
iPhone Website:

Microsoft Cloud Technologies & Solutions

Microsoft Azure

One of the leading cloud computing services created by Microsoft with the purpose of managing and building applications and services which are required on a huge network scale.

Commonly known as a software as a service or a platform as a service. This technology is very popular amongst businesses due to it impeccable capabilities such as third-party software’s, multiple programming languages and a variety of tools and frameworks.

Office 365

This is a collection of various services and software’s created by Microsoft including a number of well known pieces of software including; OneDrive, Microsoft Office and Exchange Servers. This technology comes with a number of different options and plans which are created for individuals, small businesses and large enterprises.

Where this technology gets slightly more complication is with Office 365 Migration. Although this can appear daunting to many, there are solutions available to individuals and businesses to make this technology beneficial to your business, our cloud migration specialist are Microsoft Certified partners that will be able to help your business in London, Nottingham or Birmingham.