Cerberus Anti Virus Filter Spam free mailboxes!

Cerberus Virus filter

The best way to protect your network against email viruses is to check emails before they reach you. Knowall offer a virus scanning service - at source, which can be incorporated into your email hosting. With Knowall's Cerberus Anti virus Service, all inbound mail on your domain name is scanned for viruses. When a virus is detected Cerberus will clean or quarantine the infected item saving you any business disruption.

Knowall's Cerberus Anti virus Service offers Real Time updates, to keep you protected from the most current viruses. Unlike most anti-virus solutions that update only weekly or daily, our anti-virus solution is backed up by the leading anti-virus providers who provide our updates to our virus definition files in real time, every time


Frequent Updates
The source updates at least twice a day with new virus threats. This means that a virus can be blocked within just a few hours of its release. Knowall are also party to emergency updates delivered straight from the Anti-Virus providers.

Bounce Messages
Identified virus mail is bounced back to the sender, rather than forwarded to the user. This means less junk in your inbox, and genuine senders are informed that their PC may be infected. Falsified sender addresses are detected and ignored.



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