Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) List.

Does Vi-Spy run on Windows NT?

Vi-Spy's TSR is not compatible with Windows NT, though this is expected to be resolved by the first quarter of '97, however, Vi-Spy's scanner (VI-SPY.EXE) will run on both FAT and NTFS.

Prior to Ver. 14.3 Rel. 09.96, though, Windows NT would warn of an illegal attempt to access the hard drive immediately after running Vi-Spy, then prompt the user to either TERMINATE the application or IGNORE. When IGNORE was chosen, Vi-Spy would continue to scan the hard drive with no problems. This is no longer an issue since the 09.96 release of Vi-Spy.

How do I get Resident Vi-Spy (RVS.EXE) to permit OS/2 to restart in OS/2 on a multi-boot system?

The program that is used to restart into OS/2 is BOOT.COM. If you rename that file to BOOTOS2.COM, the following batch file can be used to make this all invisible to the user:


This will turn off Resident Vi-Spy and permit a proper bootup into OS/2.

I'm having trouble running a zip drive, what should I do?

A minor problem has come up in the following case: A user does not have the zip drive software installed, plugs in a zip drive and tries to run IOMEGA's "Guest" command from DOS to access the drive as a one-time operation. In this case only, RVS should be turned off (\VISPY\RVS\OFF) before running "Guest" and turned on afterwords. If the zip drive software is installed, there is no problem. The same command for Windows, "Winguest", does not have this problem.

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