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    Hi ! I'm Ray Glath, President and Founder of RG Software. Thanks for stopping by. If this is your first visit, you're probably saying "Who's RG Software? Never heard of them."

    Well, our simple, straightforward corporate mission statement says it all... RG Software is "Focused on Virus Protection."

    Operating since 1984, we began our Anti-Virus research in 1988, and developed Vi-Spy in 1989. Since then we've maintained our Virus Protection focus for some of the biggest names in the Corporate, Academic, and Government sectors. Since our sales efforts have been strictly in this area, our name is not widely known. But, where it is known, it's a highly respected name. You see, we have this old-fashioned belief that our customers deserve nothing less than the best. And that's what all of us at RG strive to achieve in all of our efforts.

    So, read on, and stop by often. We'd like to get to know you and to see your company name added to our ever-growing list of satisfied clients.

    Raymond M. Glath, Sr.


Company Information

The advantages of virus protection from a small specialized company.

    RG Software doesn't have a big name or a huge market share, yet our anti-virus software protects some of the biggest names in corporate and government computing. There must be a reason. Actually, there are many.

Anti-virus specialists with a long, impressive track record.

    RG Software, a pioneer in virus protection, has been in operation since 1984. Currently, we are one of the few true specialists in the anti-virus field.

    Our flagship product, Vi-Spy (short for virus spy), was introduced in 1989. Today, Vi-Spy is used by some of the world's largest corporations, government agencies and academic institutions.

    With our focus on virus protection and extensive years of software development experience, we're able to create and support anti-virus products that are far superior to those offered by larger software firms, who must spread their resources across a variety of unrelated products.

Here to stay, built to last.

    With all the mergers and acquisitions in the anti-virus field, few of the company names that existed two years ago are around today. Still, RG remains a true independent anti-virus specialist--Focused on virus protection.

    Years ago, we foresaw the probable increase in the number of viruses and designed our products accordingly. While other products have gotten slower and bulkier to handle the growing virus population, RG products have maintained their compact size and quickness.

Software that works the way you want it to work.

    If you don't use MS Word, why check all document files for Word Macro viruses? With our Vi-Spy software, no problem. Simply turn on an option.

    Do you want to use file integrity checking for enhanced protection from unknown viruses? Simply turn on another Vi-Spy option.

    Our design team anticipated virtually all of your wants and needs to create RG products that work smoothly in your environment.

Reliable protection, not just another pretty interface.

    One of the hallmarks of RG products is reliability. Our interfaces, for instance, are clean and simple, because our expertise is focused where it really counts: solely on virus protection.

    As a result, our products cover all possible avenues of entry that a virus can take. And they automatically detect and disable known viruses long before they can wreak their havoc on your system. This includes Macro viruses, Boot viruses (the most prevalent of all virus types), and File infecting viruses.

Products that won't waste your RAM or time.

    RG listens to its customers. That's why today's Vi-Spy not only uses less memory than competitive products, it uses less memory than earlier versions of Vi-Spy. Yet today's Vi-Spy provides you with even more protection.

    Just as important, RG products install in only five minutes or less. Your time and your computer users' time equals $$$. Those pretty interfaces on other products are costing you wasted disk space, longer install times and longer download times on your networks.

Real live people with solid solutions, not a voice mail maze or tech trainees.

    Thanks to our trim size, narrow focus, reliable products, and concentration on the corporate, government and academic markets, RG technical specialists can get you out of a jam today. You won't need to wait until next week for someone knowledgeable to get back to you.

Customer support that doesn't quit.

    The RG emphasis on rapid and knowledgeable response is one of the biggest reasons why our customers are so fiercely loyal. These customer quotes sum up our unyielding commitment to support:

"We encountered a brand-new virus and RG had a fix for us in less than 24 hours!"

        Manager of Technical Services for an International Business School.

"RG Software's commitment to helping companies eliminate viruses and its quick response support is the reason we chose Vi-Spy many years ago."

        Technical Vice President for a Top-ten International Bank.

"Their support people don't just answer questions, they help us get the most out of their software."

        MIS Director for a Financial Funds Clearing House.

For dependable virus protection and customer service that doesn't quit, rely on RG Software.

Bigger does not always mean better, especially in virus protection.

RG Software
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