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Vi-Spy V15 Conquers Macro Viruses

Vi-Spy now features automatic "Generic" detection, removal or disabling of Macro Viruses - The Fastest Growing Class of Computer Viruses.

Scottsdale, AZ. May 7, 1997. RG Software, focused on virus protection since 1989, has conquered another class of computer viruses with its latest version of Vi-Spy. Introduced in 1989, Vi-Spy was the first commercial anti-virus product, and again its first with automatic "generic" macro virus detection and removal.

Macro viruses are the fastest growing classification of viruses. This type of virus is cropping up at companies almost daily, and anti-virus vendors have been scrambling to keep up with new sightings. Unfortunately, this leaves the customer high & dry until detection can be added to their anti-virus software via an update.

With Vi-Spy installed, PC users dont have to worry about "new" macro viruses, no matter how the virus enters Internet, Intranet, BBS, email, or disk because Vi-Spy has advanced technology that automatically detects any infected document or template as it is opened, no matter what file extension it carries or how the file is opened. Vi-Spy will automatically remove or disable the virus; the user proceeds as if the virus infection had never occurred.

RG Software specializes in corporate and government site licenses. Some of the largest banks, government agencies, and corporations have been using Vi-Spy for the past 8 years, primarily because Vi-Spy is lean & mean: it is the only anti-virus product issued on one diskette, and the only product that can still run on older PC models, yet it offers the best protection available, for all types of viruses file, boot & macro with unbeatable support from RG.

Although macro viruses receive the most media attention, Boot Sector viruses still account for most of the virus incidents. RG Software conquered that classification of viruses with its product No.More #*!$ Viruses, released in 1995. This product also offers "generic" automatic detection & repair. It needs no updates and requires no memory; just install & forget about boot sector viruses forever.

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