No.More #*!$ Viruses: NIM

No.More #*!$ Viruses is an "install once & forget" utility that never needs updating and uses no memory. It represents "new technology" in the anti-virus field by completely eliminating any and all boot sector viruses -- past, present & future. According to experts that track virus incidents, Boot Sector Viruses cause 95% of all reported virus incidents.

Ideally, No.More #*!$ Viruses should be installed at the workstation from diskette so that it can produce a "Recovery Boot Diskette" specific to that workstation, for situations (viral or otherwise) that arise causing the workstation to be unable to boot from its hard disk.

However, if your company has hundreds, or even thousands of PC's, visiting each workstation can be an daunting, if not impossible, task.

NIM for No.More #*!$ Viruses will allow automatic installation on individual workstations from Network Servers during the login process.

Installation is quick -- in just 3 easy steps -- the software is installed and your PC's are permanently protected from Boot Sector Viruses!

The NIM for No.More #*!$ Viruses is compatible with all types of Network Servers for installing on Win 95, Windows, or DOS workstations. A Windows NT workstation version will be available later this year.

The NIM for No.More #*!$ Viruses is a one-time cost of $1000.00 for any number of servers.

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