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The leanest, meanest virus protection you can buy.  It knocks out viruses even before they can infect.

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A powerful, full-featured, multi-platform anti-virus product.

    Vi-Spy (short for virus spy) has every feature you've come to expect from an anti-virus product. And much, much more.

    With other anti-virus products, you need to separately buy and install something for DOS/Windows; something else for WIN 95; and still something else to check your Internet downloads and E-mail. Vi-Spy has it all. In a single product you get the most complete, most compact full-time virus protection software available.

Invisible, quick, automatic and very thorough.

    With the powerful, tiny Vi-Spy TSR (resident program) installed, all activities involving program and document files, as well as diskettes, are checked automatically.

    This means that when you download from anywhere, including Internet, Intranet, LAN or outside BBS services; or when you copy, move, unzip, decrypt, open E-mail, access a diskette, or run a program -- Vi-Spy checks for viruses, quickly and invisibly.

    If a virus is detected, Vi-Spy will either remove it automatically (Macro and diskette Boot viruses) or the infected file is disabled from use. If no virus is detected, the user simply goes about his/her normal operations. And, unlike competitive products, the Vi-Spy protection TSR detects all the same viruses that its scanner detects, including polymorphic viruses. So Vi-Spy is more thorough at stopping viruses before they can infect.

Pays special attention to Macro viruses.

    Not only will the Vi-Spy TSR automatically remove Macro viruses from infected documents and templates, it will also detect the infection no matter how the file enters the system.

    For example, you may not be aware that some E-mail applications will automatically send a document to Word or Wordpad with a .TMP extension. Vi-Spy will detect this. It also detects when the document is opened through "drag & drop" to an icon; opened through a "last file used" list; as well as opened with the normal "File Open" command.

Has grown better with age, not bigger.

    Because of its trim size, Vi-Spy can still be run from diskette. In fact, Vi-Spy even runs on older model PCs, like the 8088. Its TSR uses zero (0)k of conventional RAM by automatically loading itself into upper memory blocks, where it uses only 12-13k.

Installs faster than you can read this page.

    Vi-Spy is a product with a simple, clear mission: Prevent, detect and clean virus infections automatically and transparently. Vi-Spy doesn't have a big, pretty interface because users don't need to waste time by manually directing it to check a disk for viruses.

    This simplicity also means that Vi-Spy is compact and installs quickly and easily. While it can take up to 30 minutes to install other anti-virus products, Vi-Spy installs in a mere 5 minutes. Network distribution is quick too, because Vi-Spy doesn't have multi-megabytes to transmit and download.

    If you multiply the time savings by the hundreds or thousands of PCs in your organization, you'll quickly see the cost benefits of using Vi-Spy.

Gets along well with others, especially PC users.

    Field proven since 1989, Vi-Spy is rock solid in its performance, making it a favorite among some of the most prestigious corporate, government and academic organizations.

    Plus, with Vi-Spy, there are no worries about users turning it off because of system hangs or the overuse of system resources. Until it finds a virus, Vi-Spy is virtually invisible. It's also compatible with your other software.

Unparalleled tech support.

    RG Software stands fully behind its products and has one of the lowest volumes of tech support calls in the industry.

    Yet, when you do need help, you get to talk to the software engineers who actually develop our products--people who know what they're talking about and can solve problems quickly.

    This kind of service and support is one of the reasons that over 95% of our customers stay with us year after year.

    Get the leanest meanest virus protection you can buy, as well as unparalleled customer support. Download a free evaluation of Vi-Spy and ask for a No More #*!$ Viruses evaluation too!

What customers say about Vi-Spy.

"Prior to obtaining a site license for Vi-Spy, we tested it against F-Prot, McAfee, Norton and others -- Vi-Spy was superior. We encountered a brand new virus and RG had a fix in less than 24 hours."

            Manager of Technical Services, International Business School

"RG Software's commitment to helping companies eliminate viruses and its quick response support is the reason we chose Vi-Spy many years ago... Vi-Spy has proven itself to be highly accurate in its detection capabilities, both in the field and in our Laboratory, where it consistently outperformed (and continues to do so) similar products."

            Technical Vice President, Top-ten International Bank

"We thoroughly evaluated six anti-virus programs and found Vi-Spy to be the easiest to use for our non-technical users and the lowest cost license overall. We found the others were not as reliable in finding viruses as Vi-Spy."

            MIS Specialist, Governmental Agency

Vi-Spy minimum system requirements:

IBM (or compatible) PC: 8088 to Pentium; DOS 3.3+; Windows 3.0, 3.1, 3.11, WIN 95;
Hard disk with 1.5m bytes of free space. 3-1/2" disk.

Current release: Version 15.1

RG Software offers a 30-day, money-back guarantee on the purchase of Vi-Spy.

Important Note:

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Phone: (602) 657-6900

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