Vodafone improves phone coverage on Virgin trains

Virgin Train

Vodafone UK is installing repeater technology to improve mobile phone coverage on Virgin’s high speed Pendolino trains, which run between London and Glasgow.

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The technology retransmits 2G and 3G within carriages and has already increased the number of calls completed without interruption by 60%. Installation will be completed by November. Find your local store.

Who discusses their business matters on public transport?

Vodafone has also released new research which found that over 70% of all workers discuss business matters on their mobile phones in public places, sometimes even discussing business critical and confidential information.

Vodafone warns that companies should advise employees to be more discreet and use more confidential forms of communication, such as email, to discuss sensitive issues - 26% of workers questioned by Vodafone admitted to following up a lead they overheard from someone else’s telephone conversation.

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However, using mobile devices for business also has huge benefits. When used to their full potential, mobile phones can boost productivity, safety and mobility within your workforce.

But, how can they really help?

  • Can improve customer service
  • Increases productivity by 60%
  • Allows employees to work remotely
  • Allows employees to remain in contact with offices and suppliers

We all eavesdrop

Vodafone’s survey also found that people are indiscreet about their own lives, and those of their friends, when talking on their phone in public, with topics such as health, careers and even love lives being openly discussed. Click here for other transport studies.

Vodafone’s research is based on a survey of 2,053 mobile phone users, including 669 business users, by TNS during February 2017.