Vi-Spy:Version 15.1

Introducing the first AV product which does not rely solely on signatures for protection, detection and removal of Macro Viruses.

Vi-Spy was the first commercially available anti-virus scanner, and now it's the first to offer "Generic" Macro Virus Protection, Detection, & Removal.

You may not be familiar with Vi-Spy because it has been sold almost exclusively to corporations, government, and academia via site licenses since 1989. RG Software is "The best kept secret in the anti-virus industry," according to The Gartner Group.

What makes Vi-Spy Much Better than other anti-virus products?

Vi-Spy has many sensible and effective features not available in any other anti-virus product. Plus, Vi-Spy is faster, uses less memory, and provides the most effective overall protection.

Says who? Find out below or check the online product reviews.

***Important*** Vi-Spy's TSR is always working whether in native DOS, Windows, or DOS in Windows. Products using VxD leave a large security hole for viruses to sneak through because they do not operate in this environment!!

Here are just a few sources that have praised Vi-Spy over the years. (If you're still not convinced take a look at some of the latest reviews)

Newsbytes (10/89 Vi-Spy's first review)
"PUMA Rating: 4 (our highest)
Performance: 4, powerful, thorough & easy-to-use
Usefulness: 4, not just useful, vital
Manual: 4

Byte Magazine (8/91)
Comparative Review - 10 Anti-Virus Products: Vi-Spy 100% detection.

Government Computer News (10/89)
"Virus Detection and Removal is Simple With Vi-Spy...RG Software...has created a simple-to-use virus detection and removal program that should be in every office."

PC Magazine (3/93 Review)
"Vi-Spy offers first-rate detection and prevention. This is a great package for large corporations to consider...Vi-Spy's performance will win you over."

Virus Bulletin (6/94 Review)
"The scanner is very good indeed. It is as fast as many of the quickest scanners around, and offers a very high detection rate...Vi-Spy concentrates on being a very good virus detection utility, ignores the frills, and does not waste its efforts on pretty Windows front ends, which are ultimately useless in such a package. This one is heartily recommended."

Federal Computer Week (7/90)
"The developers of the software...have done a terrific job with Vi-Spy in three ways:

Computer Shopper (3/93 Review)
"Designed with the corporate customer in mind, Vi-Spy is network-ready and offers flexible licensing arrangements...Tests on live viruses showed that Vi-Spy did a good job of identifying their presence. On a test suite of 17 common and rare file infections, the program identified all the files. Call RG Software seeking technical assistance and you'll be talking to a software engineer faster than you can say "Michaelangelo".

Virus Bulletin (1/95 Test) Scanners - The Acid Test: Vi-Spy = 100%

INFOSEC Communications Security Establishment of the Government of Canada (9/92 Review):
"Vi-Spy's functionality of preventing virus entry, detecting viruses, and disinfecting the system performed well without degrading system performance to the point that a user would want to remove Vi-Spy. By making a virus detection utility easy to use and not a hindrance to the user, is in itself, half the battle against viruses."

Virus Bulletin (1/97 Comparative Test)
"96.7% Overall. Scan Time/Clean Hard Drive: Vi-Spy 3:30 - McAfee Scan 8:46

What about technical support? The absolute best in the industry, according to our customers.

L. Richards, Pittsburgh, PA - "I'm really impressed with your company. The last time I had a problem with a virus, (a technician) gave me his home phone number on the weekend! You guys are the best!"

W. Peney, Netherlands, Antilles - "Great Service!!!!"

R. Breaden, Peoria, IL - "I've always had prompt efficient help and in a very professional manner. My questions and inquiries are always answered within 24 hours and usually on the phone at the time of calling. Professionally and at home I use Vi-Spy over the AV products on the market. It has been and continues to be far in advance of the competition."

A. Tornblom, Field Engineer, St. Louis, MO - "Thanks for a great program.."

A. Barrera, Communications Manager, New York, NY - "Thanks -- As usual great work!"

J. Holstein, Network Systems Engineer, Louisville, KY - "Thanks for your prompt support in the removal of the strain of the JERUSALEM virus. You and your company came through where your competitors could not even respond. Your work is greatly appreciated and will not be forgotten."

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