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The best way to protect your servers from virus attack is to arm your workstations with a fortress that keeps viruses out. Your servers have many more important tasks than virus scanning, that require fast response time to keep your business productive. NLM anti-virus products that constantly scan a server also slow down the server, and can cause crashes. Another drawback to NLM's is that they provide no protection at the workstation level, where most viruses originally infect.

Vi-Spy, with the smallest, most powerful tsr available, is the fortress that will stop viruses before they infect at the workstation level, thereby freeing up your servers to do the jobs they were designed to do. You get continuous real-time monitoring of all traffic between workstations and server; server to server; and local workstation activity.

The NIM architecture is network independent and allows you to centralize the installation, management and updating of Vi-Spy from any network server (e.g. Banyan, Microsoft, IBM, etc.). Copy the software files (and/or updates if applicable) to one location and all workstations - WIN 95, Windows 3+, and DOS - are automatically armed. Because you don't have to visit every workstation, you save valuable time and resources while maintaining network-wide virus protection.

A central Virus Incident Log on the server records all virus incidents. And, for maximum virus incident control, you can optionally set Vi-Spy to lock a user's computer from further processing upon virus discovery.

The NIM is customizable. The simplicity of design is structured so that you can fine-tune the NIM to your needs... apply as little or as much virus security as you deem necessary... schedule periodic virus checks or set for continuous full Integrity Checking where users are prohibited from running un-authorized software.

The NIM for Vi-Spy has been designed and constructed by highly experienced software engineers and virus experts to provide solid, sensible, and efficient virus protection for your servers and your Win 95, Windows, and DOS workstations, without being network-dependent; without placing any additional processing load on your network; and without causing network crashes. And, its impact on system performance is so small as to be difficult to measure.

The NIM for Vi-Spy may be purchased along with a Vi-Spy Site License and installed on any number of servers for a one-time charge of only $1000.00.

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